Licence Application Assistance

Liquor Licence Applications

When you establish a new business that requires a liquor licence, and you need a planning permit and a liquor licence - we can assist. 

When purchasing an existing licensed premises, whether a hotel, restaurant, or bar, you want the transfer to occur smoothly and without unnecessary delays - we can assist.

Some people use their Solicitors to assist in obtaining a new or the transfer of an existing liquor licence. Some people do the process themselves. That's OK as long as you give yourself sufficient lead-in times when things (may) go wrong.

We provide advice, arrange reports  and prepare documentation to ensure that the granting of a new liquor licence, or the transfer of an existing Liquor Licence runs smoothly and without costly omissions.

Experience demonstrates that engaging an advisor who has a detailed understanding and expert knowledge of the operations of the Liquor Control Reform Act, is a distinct advantage to applicants.  The use of an advisor results in the completion of the licence application process in a faster and and less expensive manner. Our team of professionals are trained, motivated, and approachable and can provide comprehensive cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

Before requesting your solicitor to assist in the liquor licensing processes, compare our service, experience, and PRICE.

What are licensees saying about us?

Hi Rob,

Can't thank you enough for your fantastic work.

Amazingly it went so smoothly, obviously you know your business well.

Thanks again.




To discuss us providing you with Liquor Licensing advice, contact us.

Contracts, Leases, & other legal matters

LiqCon uses expert consultant solicitors on how to set up your structure, the sale contracts, leases and other legal matters to ensure you have a seamless experience when purchasing an existing licensed premises, or indeed taking over an existing premises.

Our consultant solicitors are able to assist with all of the above areas. We work in conjunction with expert business solicitors so that your business purchase can proceed smoothly and without any problems. The benefit is that seamless approach of ensuring your application for a liquor licence blends in with contracts of sale, and leases to ensure there is no unneccesary delay in getting you up and running in your new or transferred licensed venture.

To find out more about our consultant legal services, contact us.

Operational Premises Audits

LiqCon offers licensees a thorough audit process on monitoring the performance of their premises.

The purpose of the audit process is to ascertain how well the staff are undertaking their roles to ensure that licensees are compliant with the conditions of liquor licences and the Victorian Liquor Control Reform and Private Security Acts.

The process covers aspects of operations such as Crowd Controllers' Register, ensuring compliance, Identifying the effectiveness of Crowd Controllers to ensure their actions are compliant, monitoring of bar staff to ensure that they comply with their Responsible Serving of Alcohol requirements, monitoring the amenity of the area around a licensed premises ensure that your neighbours are not disturbed and where required identify procedures to prevent disturbance to the amenity of the area.

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