Responsible Serving of Alcohol RSA (Mandarin)

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Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) - 中文授课

我们是经维多利亚州赌博和酒类管理委员(Liquor Control Victoria - LCV)会正式认可的,特许在维多利亚州范围内教授“负责任的为客人提供酒类服务”(RSA)课程的培训公司。我们在维多利亚州得到了广泛认可,是最好的和最有经验的,提供“负责任的为客人提供酒类服务”(RSA)课程培训的公司。我们的特长是在您的经营场所提供培训。


我们的课程通常需要4个小时。 我们可以在适当的时间,在墨尔本的大部分地区提供培训,同时我们也会走访部分边远地区。

We are accredited by Liquor Control Victoria (LCV) to deliver RSA workshops throughout the state. We are widely regarded as the best, most experienced deliverers of RSA training throughout Victoria and we specialise in On-Site delivery.

Our per person rates are amongst Melbourne's most competitive.

Our courses take 4 hours (nominally) and are located throughout Melbourne and occasional country venues, and at various times.

Session Dates & Locations

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26-Jul-24 1:00pm 5:00pm Webinar
Webinar via Zoom,
中文授课 = Delivered in Mandarin
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06-Sep-24 1:00pm 5:00pm Webinar
Webinar via Zoom,
中文授课 = Delivered in Mandarin
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参加本课程培训的人士必须18岁以上。除需自行携带笔等与学习有关的材料,还请携带护照/驾照或与之等同的印有本人照片的证件 -- 本公司不发放证书给没有携带有效证件的学员。

If you are desirous of having one of our RSA courses at your premises or local area we would be happy to schedule a course at your location at a time and place that suits you. You will also find that our course delivery options give far more flexibility to schedule around your needs.

Businesses wishing to arrange R.S.A. workshops for staff at YOUR premises can be negotiated at our special rates. These rates are significantly less than "per person" rates and can save you significantly. Compare our "On-site" fees with other providers. We don't charge "Equipment Charges" or typically* have minimum numbers of participants.  NOTE:  Country course may require minimum participants.

Additionally, we come to you which is more efficient for you and your staff. Naturally these dates (listed below) do not include those private courses which are conducted for individual clients and businesses around the state. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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