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The Liqcon Report 310524 - Criminal Convictions

Just because you may have criminal convictions does not necessarily mean you are not able to get a liquor licence.

Liqcon's RSA Online Course - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to do the RSA Online Course but not sure what to do or how it works?

This 4 minute tutorial will answer most of your questions.

The Liqcon Report - Episode 6

In this edition of The Liqcon Report  we discuss the common mistakes people make when applying for a liquor licence themselves.

Delays in processing liquor licensing applications

Liquor Control Victoria is currently experiencing significant delays in processing liquor licence applications

Unpaid liquor licences are about to be suspended

Don't get caught supplying liquor without a liquor licence. Unpaid licences will be suspended tomorrow (1/4/23)

The Liqcon Report 27/2/23

Don't get caught out by not renewing your company with A.S.I.C., the result to your liquor licence could be catastrophic 

The Liqcon Report - Episode 1 (Liquor Control Victoria)

The first of our new vlog style podcasts. This first episode explains the changes that occured on 1 July 2022 and the asperations of these vlogs

Rob's Christmas message

Covid 19 update 14 September 2020

grants are now available for businesses for outdoor dining

Covid 19 update 7th September 2020

Covid 19 update 03-08-2020

With Stage 4 lock downs being implemented in Melbourne metro area, and regional areas going to stage 3 - what does this all mean for the hospitality sector?

Covid 19 update 28-05-20

Restrictions on the industry are being relaxed and that means some restaurants can now open for customers to eat within the venues.

How best to prepare your premises and make sure you are compliant, but also ensuring your food safety systems are in place

Covid 19 update 19-05-2020

Covid 19 is being fluid. What does this mean for your business?    

1st June restaurants get to re-open after lock-downs, subject to maintaining social distancing