Liquor Consultancy Webinars

LiqCon Webinars

Welcome to the 21st century way to undertake training - Webinars. 

Webinars include face-to-face learning with the use of your computer's (or tablet's) camera, microphone and speaker. In our sessions you will be able to see our Powerpoint presentation, see and hear our videos, interact with other students and undertake an on-line assessment - all from the comfort of your home or office. We deliberately set these webinars to only include a small number of attendees, so we can keep the conversations relevant, and easy flowing. They are a great option for those who find large classroom situations intimidating.

In order to "attend" a webinar, you will need either a computer or tablet connected to a STRONG & RELIABLE internet connection.  Please note where you experience a problem with an internet connection, we will happily re-schedule another session for you, but given the small numbers of those attending, we can not refund where the internet does not allow you to complete the session.

Your computer or tablet must have a working camera, speaker, and microphone. Ideally, you should have a headset as a microphone and headphones. This helps reduce feedback from everyone talking. Please also ensure that the room you conduct the session in is free of external noises and other distractions.

Our scheduled webinars don't suit? We can provide an on-demand version (subject to our trainer's availability) to do this at a time and a day that suits you.  Please note however, this is not a one-on-one session, it is a session where you set the date and time, but we reserve the right to add other students to the session. 

Prior to attending our webinars, you will receive, electronically, all course materials for you to (preferably) print off and use during the session.

At the completion of the course, you will undertake an electronic assessment, which is conducted from our website. Individual students will need their own device in order to complete the assessment. You will NOT be able to share a device for the assessment.   Should you be assessed as being competent, you will be emailed a certificate.

Watch the video on this page to find out more about Webinars. 

Then return to the New Entrant Training - Achieve Liquor Licensing Knowledge  or Responsible Serving of Alcohol page to book your attendance at one of those sessions.


Some recent real comments

Hello thank you so much for today was def easier then having to go into the city’

Thanks so much 


On demand session went well, highly recommended, cheers! 

Hi Rob,   Thank you, much appreciated, training was very valuable.

Thanks Rob, I hadn't done a webinar before, it was a really good way to deliver the education

Thanks Rob - this has made my life much easier - no travelling