RSA Online Training Course for RSA Certificate

RSA Online

RSA Online Training

RSA Online Training

This 100% online course is approved by Liquor Control Victoria and can be completed at your leisure. BEFORE YOU COMMENCE HOWEVER - you will need a Unique Student Identifyer, a USI. This is a Federal Government requirement and can be retrieved or obtained by going to

Our RSA Online course is designed with modules. You can choose to do one module at a time, or multiple modules.

Each time you leave the course, you will simply have to re-log in to continue. The system will automatically remember which module you last completed, and take you to the next module.

Please note, that there are no refunds available for this course. You are purchasing the access to the course, which can be then used by any person you determine, by providing them with an activation code.

*Please note:  if you are intending to work in NSW, find out more about our certificate eligibility by clicking here.

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RSA Online FAQs

Read through our FAQs for the RSA Online Course provided by Liqcon.